David J. Davis

U-Shaped Web Developer

Hello, my name is David J. Davis, I'm a contract web developer and I've worked with several of THE TOP digital agencies in the Silicon Valley for clients medium to large such as Chevron, Cisco, IBM, Charles Schwab, PG&E and Fisher Investments.

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Development Skills


Personal Skills

Team Oriented
Public Speaking
Hard Working
Easy Going

Personal Projects

Web App Project

My friend and I love to fish so we built a web app that we think provides a lot of value to fishermen.

Progressive Mobile App Project

I'm currently working on a hybrid mobile recipe app, because I love to cook and I'm tired of using Google docs.

Work Experience

Contract Web Developer, Dystrick Inc.

February, 2015
  • Web development for large companies such as Cisco, as well as numerous medium to small startup companies.

Contract Web Developer, r2integrated Inc.

January, 2014
  • Web development for a number of Fortune 500 companies, to include IBM, PG&E and Chevron.

Freelance Contract Web Developer, Self Employed

September, 2012
  • Hand-code in HTML5, SCSS, JavaScript/JQuery, and PHP.
  • WordPress multisite, custom post type, module and page templating using Mustache, Handlebars.js and JSON.
  • Developed PHP w/JSON to retrieve user custom fields at runtime.
    Unit testing experience with Casper.js.
  • Accustomed to working on a team in an Agile SCRUM working environment.
  • Skilled with jQuery, CSS3, and SVG animation.


California State University-East Bay

December, 2010

B.A. Graphic Design

Syracuse University

October, 2012

Information Technology Project Management Certificate

Toastmasters International

January, 2013

Competent Communicator Certificate

University of Texas at Austin

January, 2015

Data Visualization and Infographics with D3.js Certificate

Treehouse School

Over 13,000+ Web Development Course Points

Tech Notes

Write an AppleScript to boot a Shell Script at Runtime on your Mac


Curious how to boot up a shell script at runtime on your Mac? Here's a straight forward approach to writing an AppleScript to accomplish that, that almost anyone should be able to follow. First we will create an AppleScript to startup Terminal. Then we will modify our .bash_profile with an alias command to run a particular script and then we…

The JavaScript Module Pattern, how and why?


The Module Pattern in JavaScript was created by software engineers in 2003. The purpose of the module pattern is to emulate objects with private and public methods in a closure that shields internal methods from the global scope and namespace protection from other scripts. The structure of the module pattern is emulates an object literal if you are familiar with…

Automate your dev projects using a shell script!


Since most of us in the dev world spend so much time in Terminal/Command Line, why not automate your workflow process by writing a script to get your up and running faster? And if you are on a Mac, let's take it a step further and have Terminal open and start the shell script when you login to your computer.

Node.js - API Promises using the 'got' or the 'async-get-json' package

There are a few notable npm packages that handle promises with Node.js when retrieving apis. Here's two that I use and in the following snippets Im pinging github's api and returning the promised resolve data.

JavaScript Promise Functions


We've all heard the rather annoying buzz phrase "callback hell," well Promises in JavaScript rescue you from this sort of hell and tame the beast so to speak. You can manage when and where async callbacks are happening so you don't have async operations completing at undesired frequencies.

Angular.js - Passing scope from one controller to the next w/ $rootScope


Somehow there isn't a clear cut straight forward approach to passing scope from one controller to the next in a typical google search. So here's the solution in just a few lines for code, and an alternate (hacky) way of passing scope from one controller to the next. The short of it is, using $rootScope inside of one controller you…
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Justin Sorensen

Web Developer

I have worked with David on a few web projects over the last year. He is clear and concise in his communication. David sees the goal and knows how to break the project down and tackle it. Being well versed in the latest front end web technologies, he has an arsenal at his finger tips. A great team player and I look forward to many successful projects to come!

Winston Copeland


I have had the privilege of working with David within the past year. He developed and built a website for my business, and I have been extremely pleased with his professional work. He is conscientious, dependable and displays a great deal of integrity throughout his work. I would engage him again without question.

Rodney Knight

President at Mortgage Maven Finance Inc.

David produces quality work on time and on budget. He is very creative and a pleasure to work with.


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