David J. Davis

Full-Stack Developer

Hello, my name is David J. Davis, I'm an end-to-end developer and I currently work on the Google Store team. Previously I worked for Apple's Product Documentation Team, and before that I worked with several of the top digital agencies in the Silicon Valley for clients medium to large such as Chevron, Cisco, IBM, Charles Schwab, PG&E and Fisher Investments.

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Development Skills


Personal Skills

Team Oriented
Public Speaking
Hard Working
Easy Going

Work Experience

UX Engineer at Google

October, 2017
  • Google Store team.

UI Developer at Apple

March, 2017
  • Apple product documentation developer team

Contract Web Developer, Dystrick Inc.

February, 2015
  • Web development for large companies such as Cisco, as well as numerous medium to small startup companies.

Contract Web Developer, r2integrated Inc.

January, 2014
  • Web development for a number of Fortune 500 companies, to include IBM, PG&E and Chevron.

Freelance Contract Web Developer, Self Employed

September, 2012
  • Hand-code in HTML5, SCSS, JavaScript/JQuery, and PHP.
  • WordPress multisite, custom post type, module and page templating using Mustache, Handlebars.js and JSON.
  • Developed PHP w/JSON to retrieve user custom fields at runtime.
    Unit testing experience with Casper.js.
  • Accustomed to working on a team in an Agile SCRUM working environment.
  • Skilled with jQuery, CSS3, and SVG animation.


University of Texas at Austin

January, 2015

Data Visualization and Infographics with D3.js Certificate

Syracuse University

October, 2012

Information Technology Project Management Certificate

California State University-East Bay

December, 2010

B.A. Graphic Design

Tech Notes

Animate it Like @Apple

What have I been working on at Apple, Inc.? For the past six months I've been building Quick Tours. Let's take a look at how we handle complex sass animations.

Read/Write Files From Directory With Node.js


Perhaps you are looking for a way to dynamically read html files and update text on each page, like a file path with a build version number.

React Ecosystem Notes


React is a library as opposed to a framework, but the React ecosystem is augmented with different tools to create a full fledged application. For example React does not have routing built in unlike Ember or Angular; React is less opinionated.

Write an AppleScript to boot a Shell Script at Runtime on your Mac


Curious how to boot up a shell script at runtime on your Mac? Here's a straight forward approach to writing an AppleScript to accomplish that, that almost anyone should be able to follow. First we will create an AppleScript to startup Terminal. Then we will modify our .bash_profile with an alias command to run a particular script and then we…

The JavaScript Module Pattern, how and why?


The Module Pattern in JavaScript was created by software engineers in 2003. The purpose of the module pattern is to emulate objects with private and public methods in a closure that shields internal methods from the global scope and namespace protection from other scripts. The structure of the module pattern is emulates an object literal if you are familiar with…

Automate your dev projects using a shell script!


Since most of us in the dev world spend so much time in Terminal/Command Line, why not automate your workflow process by writing a script to get your up and running faster? And if you are on a Mac, let's take it a step further and have Terminal open and start the shell script when you login to your computer.
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Elizabeth Poirier

Program Manager

David was always ready to jump into a challenging and often rushed project. His knowledge and professionalism is commendable and was extremely helpful when we worked together. I would certainly recommend him due to his overall capabilities and delightful interaction with colleagues and clients alike.

Nicholas Waschezyn

Design & Direction

Whether working with him side-by-side or giving him a project to run with on his own, I have come to trust David and the quality of his work completely. I like to consult him during the design phase of project's we're working on, to check the viability of ideas and get his read on possible solutions to problems I've encountered. For an insightful dev consigliere and excellent front-end coder look no further.

Steve Schnittker

Senior Marketing Professional

David is a solid developer. He is great to work with, he's reliable, thorough and he consistently delivered work ahead of schedule.